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11 – Boo!

1 Jun

Xander:  Is he actually serious about this whole ghost thing?

Quincy:  Poltergeist!

Rachel:  I guess so, or he thinks he’s living in some fantasy world where those kinds of things actually exist.

Xander:  I’d love to live in a fantasy world, it’d be a lot more fun than reality.

Rachel:  And what would this fantasy world be like that it’s so much better than the real world?

Xander:  Well for one, the streets are paved with happiness and rainbows shine on us all, good or bad.

Rachel:  Naturally.

Xander:  Oh, and the view from our floating castles in the clouds is just great.

Rachel:  Wow, as a simple girl living in reality, I just can’t relate to your fantasy lifestyle.

Xander:  Well I’m sure there’s something we can both relate to…

Rachel:  The ocean is wet.

Xander:  Yes! The ocean is wet in my world too.

Rachel:  And it’s cold and salty as well?

Xander:  Actually no, it’s warm and feels like silk on your skin.

Rachel:  Oh…it seems that we’re just worlds apart.

Xander:  A reasonable conclusion to make.

Rachel:  Where’d Quincy go?

Xander:  Find anything Quincy?

Quincy: No, I think we should have come a few hours later. I read that paranormal activity is more likely to occur during the twilight hours.

Rachel:  Or during a badly written soap opera episode.

Xander: There are well written soap operas? Isn’t that just as unbelievable as ghosts?

Rachel:  Actually, there are some…never mind.

Quincy:  Rachel, you can’t ever give me anymore grief about believing in the paranormal, you watch terrible day time programming.

Rachel:  Hey!

Xander:  I’ve still got a license to give you a hard time though, right?

Quincy:  …for now.

Xander:  Check this out, I wonder what’s in here.

Rachel:  Well, it’s a mausoleum in a graveyard so I feel comfortable in saying that there’s probably rotting dead people in there.

Quincy:  Guys, maybe we should leave before we get all ‘desecratey’ in there.

Quincy:  Oh look, you’re doing the exact opposite of what I suggested we should do. That’s surprising.

Voices:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Quincy:  Guys? Hello?

Quincy:  This isn’t happening…

Quincy:  Alright Quincy…there comes a time in every young boy’s life where he has to take matters into his own hands, and become the man that he is destined to be. Your friends need you and you’re not about to turn around and run away. When you open your eyes you are going to run in there and save your friends from whatever it is that’s in there tormenting them. Even if it’s an indescribable spirit from hell who will most likely tear you apart like a toothpick.

Quincy:  Xander, Rachel, I’m coming!

Dimitri:  What the hell were you two thinking, sneaking up on someone?

Xander:  What were we thinking? What are you doing in a graveyard by yourself?

Dimitri: Oh right, because one person in a graveyard by himself is more suspicious than three people. What are all of you doing here?

Rachel:  My heart is going to jump out of my chest!

Xander:  Hey Quincy, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Quincy:  I’m about to make you all ghosts, you scared me half to death. What were you doing in there Dimitri?

Dimitri:  Um…

Good Times – Latch Key Kid