9. Bishop & Knight

17 May

Quincy:  The garbage smelled like a rotting corpse, if you killed someone and asked me to dispose of the body you just made your newphew an accomplice to murder.

Rocko:  So…you know. I guess I would have had to tell you sooner or later. I just wish you were a bit older before you had to find out.

Sometimes, after I go to bed, I wake up in the middle of the street covered in blood and I find a body in the trunk of my car. I have no recollection of what happened between the time I went to bed and the time I came to, all I know is that I have to get rid of the body!

So I get in my car and hightail it back home. I chop up the body into little pieces in the basement and I keep the meat and mix it in with the rest of the food whenever I make us dinner.

By feeding it to you I’m getting rid of the evidence, whatever else is left would be unidentifiable by the police so I just put it in the trash and get you to throw it out on the curb. I wish I could stop Quincy, I wish I could.

Quincy:  You know, you’re a very twisted individual, and I can’t help but fear for my future knowing that you’re the primary influence in my life. Also, I’m forbidding you from reading anymore of those crime novels. You need a real hobby.

Rocko:  Ha! A real hobby huh? This sounds like a challenge, I’m beginning to think that you actually enjoy losing. But hey that works out because I actually like to win.

Quincy:  Uncle Rocko…don’t you think Dimitri should get a taste of his own medicine? Especially after what he did to Xander?

Rocko:  Quin…my motto has always been to fight fire with fire, and that’s why I can’t ever be a fireman. Admittedly, when I was your age I would have already gone over to the kid and shown him a piece of my mind. But then again that wouldn’t be very responsible advice to be coming from your uncle would it?

It’s probably best to just ignore the kid Quincy, I believe in Karma and I’m sure he’s getting what’s coming to him, if it hasn’t already. Anyway, why don’t you worry about more important things, like the fact that you’re about to be put into check mate in four movies. Hehehe.

Quincy:  Karma uncle Rocko? I don’t think I can believe in that. Mom and Dad were good people, they shouldn’t have…

What happened to your mom and dad wasn’t fair Quin…but good did come from it. We were never really close before, but now we’ve been brought together.

Quincy:  I know uncle Rock…I’m glad we’ve got each other.


4 Responses to “9. Bishop & Knight”

  1. loladahl10 May 20, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    I don’t get to know why the garbage smelled so bad, then?
    That’s just cruel…

  2. Ain't It Strange May 21, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    It’s like that show ‘Lost’ except I won’t pretend that I’ll eventually tell you in 3 or 4 years : )

    • loladahl10 May 21, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

      If you’re going to keep me waiting this long I hope it does has something to do with a corpse… Not bad enchiladas or something like that.

      • Ain't It Strange May 23, 2010 at 3:04 am #

        Bad enchiladas…it was THAT predictable? Alright, next one someone dies, no, TWO people die! Predict that! You probably shouldn’t read this since it gives it away…

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