8. Picture Perfect

10 May

Rachel:  Hey dad.

Rachel:  I think it’s time for a haircut, you’re starting to look like Conan..

David:  But I’m funny like Conan too right?

Rachel:  Well…funny looking, sure.

David:  Hilarious, my daughter, the comedienne ladies and gentlemen.

Rachel:  Well your sense of humour rubbed off on me I guess.

David:  Wouldn’t have had it any other way, I mean clearly you got it from me and not your mother. But let’s not tell her I said that, she wouldn’t be able to handle it with her lack of a sense of humour after all

Rachel:  Mhmm….sure dad. I’ll let you get back to work, I’m gonna go see what mom is up to.

Diane:  Tell your father that if I didn’t have a good sense of humour then our marriage would never have lasted since I wouldn’t have put up with him for this long.

Rachel:  Haha, good ear mom.

Rachel:  It’s good to have you back. It got a little lonely around here when you were at the hospital.

Diane:  Well it’s good to be back.

Diane:  I’m gonna start making dinner, you hungry yet?

Rachel:  Yeah I could go for some dinner.

Rachel:  Do you need any help?

Diane:  Oh no, that’s fine, no thanks.

Rachel:  Why don’t you ever let me help you make dinner anymore?

Diane:  Wash that bowl for me would you? And it’s not that I don’t appreciate your help cooking it’s just that I’d like it if the food turned out to be, you know, edible.

Rachel:  Everyone’s a comedian today…you know, I’ll never learn if you don’t teach me.

Diane:  Oh hey, who was that boy you were playing with when I picked you up at the beach? I haven’t seen him around before.

Rachel:  I can totally tell you’re changing the subject. That was Xander, he moved here with his Grandmother, right next door to Quincy’s house.

Diane:  Oh so that must be Constance’s grandson. Do you know why he moved here?

Rachel:  No, it didn’t come up. The old lady that lives by Quincy’s house is named Constance? How do you know her?

Diane:  Oh she used to work at the hospital in town. The nurses would tell me stories about this Constance that used to work there, apparently she was quite the character.

Rachel:  Should I call dad?

Diane:  No need, the second the smell of this reaches him he’ll be here faster than…

Rachel:  Head lice spreading through a kindergarten class?

Diane:  Erm no…but thanks for the visual right before dinner.

David:  I smell something delicious in here…

Rachel:  How’s the book going dad?

David: It’s going all right. I got a lot of writing done today, but then I smelled this and I had to get down here right away.

Diane:  Faster than headlice.

Rachel: Haha.

David:  Why are you guys talking about lice?

David:  Is that the special ingredient?

Rachel:  Dad!

Rachel:  That was delicious mom.

David:  Really good honey.

Diane:  Thank you, you two.

Gatekeeper by Feist


3 Responses to “8. Picture Perfect”

  1. loladahl10 May 12, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    I just read the whole thing, how about that?
    When are you planning to continue, father of my imaginary kids?

    • Ain't It Strange May 12, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

      So far it’s been going at about 2 or 3 posts a week. We made some good looking imaginary kids. I picture us high fiving and congratulating each other on what an awesome job we did.*High five*


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